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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ink Spots - If I Didn't Care

Fallout Owns

New Vegas is out today! Too bad i'm too poor to get it. =( Hopefully I'll have the money soon, though.

After dinner

So, I've finished eating, and I have to say, I hate my Xbox. I just wanted to relax, enjoy my fish sticks, and watch a little Pulp Fiction. The console had different plans. It wouldn't read the disc, so instead of enjoying my fish sticks and a movie, I enjoyed my fish sticks while opening and closing the disc drive on my Xbox. Hardly entertaining, to say the least.

Tonight's Menu (10/19/2010)

I decided to keep it simple for tonight:

Fish sticks.

Also, while I was shopping, I ran across THIS:

That's right: Pumpkin egg nog. It's literally like drinking a pumpkin pie. I had this about 3 years ago, and could not find it at all since then. It's a seasonal thing, but the last two Halloween/Thanksgiving seasons it wasn't out. My fat boy heart literally jumped for joy when I found this.

Going to the store.

I'm going to the store to find food. Pics and maybe video coming forthwith depending on how I feel.

So Hungry

I can't decide what I want to eat or what sounds good. This is a common problem for me, as I'm generally a very indecisive person. Who knows what will happen, but a trip to the store is imminent.

First post

So here is the first post in my blog. I will post about whatever I think relates to what is great about being a fat guy! It could be food I ate, general health and well being as an obese person, and sometimes, just general ranting. Thanks for reading!